NO. 02

Gesture or research

Paolo, artist

Gesture as instinct, expression, state of mind. Research as reason, evolution, awareness. Gesture makes us rebel against what we are, without thinking where it’s taking us. The sublimation of anger, sadness, joy and ecstasy.

Gesture is extraordinary for those who produce it, for those who move muscles and nerves.

Sometimes they can be slow, sometimes fast, tense and awkward, gentle and soft. Those who only see the results cannot but believe in the moment in which they have been produced.

Research is sacrifice. Turning off muscles to make the brain live. In a few cases as in artistic expression, reasoning is totally exhausting. Those who see the result of it are testimony to a path that is expressed as its final act. The work.

Is gesture egotism? And research altruism? I don’t think so. I think that gesture and research are passion.

We love unrestrainedly the power to express ourselves, through a canvas, a jacket, a stone or a piece of wood. Melody and shriek are the two faces of the same medal, the most precious of the human soul.

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