The brand , since the very first collections , has always developed a concept of new comfort , combined with the classic style , a synthesis of ideas and style to express the best quality of Circolo 1901: a way of being, a style that requires no effort.
Proudly Easy

What everyone calls a “comfort jacket “ , we have always called it an
Easy Jacket
. A concept that has always included the use of unconventional materials for the classic, such as the fleece, piquet and jersey designed and developed to be:

Easy to Wear, comfortable without compromising on elegance.

Easy to Move, practical clothes to "move" in everyday life.

Easy to Wash, garments that can be machine washed.

Easy to Style, to be interpreted according to one's personal style, effortless, never banal.

Easy to Pack, to be folded in a suitcase or bag and ready to be worn.

Easy to Iron, garments that can be machine ironed.

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