Circolo 1901 is a concept of timeless comfort and style, comfort of refined lines and fabrics. Circolo 1901 collections do not compromise, they are simple, no frills.
Just Easy Jacket

Easy Jacket
is made in sweatshirt or piquè or jersey. It is the iconic garment Circolo 1901: an authentic style object, a perfect life companion for any occasion, matching your concept of convenience and comfort. Because for us elegance is not a compromise.
Circolo 1901 Easy Jacket is designed to be:

Easy to Wear. Easy Jacket, a men's or women's sweatshirt jacket that does not come to terms: it is elegant, comfortable, authentic.

Easy to Move. It is the jacket you can wear even on the most hectic days: it will move with you, without you noticing.

Easy to Wash. A sweatshirt, piquèor jersey jacket that you can machine wash. No, its not a dream: it's Circolo 1901 philosophy.

Easy to Style. You will love your Circolo 1901 Jacket: versatile and perfect for any occasion. It will follow your style, effortlessly: just wear it.

Easy to Pack. It will travel with you in your suitcase and will always be the same: our Easy Jacket does not wrinkle and is always ready to be worn.

Easy to Iron. Forget the laundry: you can iron it too, effortlessly, just as if it were not a jacket.

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